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California Club Meet Slimbridge, Gloucestershire 17th to 19th May 2019

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Event start date: Friday 17-05-2019
Event end date: Sunday 19-05-2019
Registration ends: Friday 17-05-2019
Username Guest count Note
Whistler Whistler 2  
Ting Tong Ting Tong 2  
Martin Martin 1  
calikev calikev 1  
JudeT JudeT 2  
Loz Loz 3 Loz Jr is Paddle boarding if anyone wants to bring their boards..
altvic altvic 2  
Bill R Bill R 2  
FoodieLoobie FoodieLoobie 2  
M Madzips 2  
Calimagg Calimagg 2  
Lulu Lulu 1  
Riggers Riggers 2  
Billy Billy 1 on main campsite with hook up
briwy briwy 2  
motacyclist motacyclist 2  
Toot-toot Toot-toot 2  
Mal & Grace Mal & Grace 2 On the main site with our Caravelle and Caravan. Look forward to seeing all the California’s.
ZampaVan ZampaVan 1  
Brindisi Brindisi 2  
Moakesy Moakesy 2 Not in the main field, but hopefully close
Starlight Starlight 1  
AnneMarie AnneMarie 2  
R Rich Griffiths 2  
Mullaghroe Mullaghroe 2 Sorry. Missed the register when I booked in March
MattBW MattBW 2 Will be filming and maybe doing a Campervan recipe
flying banana flying banana 2  
dayslikethis dayslikethis 2  
Bigmac4061 Bigmac4061 2  
W walkeryul 2  
Beeechke1 Beeechke1 2  
C CGG 2 Sorry thought I had registered on here
S Speedking 2  
stevieb stevieb 2 Booked on main site
T Taglish1 2  
If anyone is interested i will send you pam's email address.
As fairly new Cali owners we had booked a club pitch at the meet this weekend hoping to meet fellow enthusiasts and pick up some tips! Unfortunately, health problems with my husband's elderly parents mean that we are no longer able to attend the meet so if you know of anyone else who may want a pitch, please pass on the word that ours is available. It would be great if we could get back the cost of the booking, but if not, at least someone else who couldn't get in to the club area could now have our spot. It's booked in the name of Dryden. Hopefully we'll be able to get along to another meet some time later this year.
Best wishes, Pam Dryden
Hi - not long to go now before the meet at Slimbridge

As you are aware we have the skittle alley booked for Saturday night in the Tudor Arms pub at the entrance to the site. The pub takes last orders for food at 20.45 and they are asking that we give them as much notice as possible to get the meals ready. The area we have booked has tables in it but as there will be possibly over a 100 of us at the site we need to book in plenty of time to avoid overwhelming the kitchens and having space to eat.
When you arrive at the site a member of the Forum will see you in, take a few details - Forum Name, christian names, reg no. , point out your pitch and also ask if you plan to eat in the pub on Saturday.

The following is a note from the pub;-

"I'm sure you can imagine Saturday evenings are busy so we have to have the bookings structured to enable a smooth serving process from the kitchen. If guests arrive without booking there is a very real chance we wouldn't be able to feed them. Please phone the pub on 01453 890306 or call in and book a table, please mention you are with the California Club".

They are also open for breakfast between 8am and 11am.

Looking forward to seeing you all there

Martin & Simon
Do you know who is in the other Cali by any chance? They are going to be the only one facing that way.
If you see any more turn up, do you think you could ask them to face the other way please. Otherwise awnings etc are on the wrong side. Thanks
Having organised the Tenby meet it is better if all the vehicles are facing the same way, not only does it look great but it sort of gives it more of a community feel.

Just saying ;):thumb
See you tomorrow.
On site now, moving to rally field tomorrow. Happy to play CMC and enforce pitch rules for VWCC :thumb:)
Hi everyone - can I just remind you not to arrive on Friday between 3.15pm and 4.15pm as this is school finishing time and you might get stuck behind parents picking up their children and also contribute to the daily chaos here.

Please don't arrive before 2.00 as the previous users of the field may not have left.

Many thanks

all the fat kids need picking up
On site now, moving to rally field tomorrow. Happy to play CMC and enforce pitch rules for VWCC :thumb:)
Thanks Maggs, if they could turn round it'll mean all the awnings are on the same side and it is easier to arrange correct spacings, better photos too. Both sides facing into the field, like last year.
My concern is that others coming before we get there will copy and we will also get a situation of sliding door facing sliding door which many don't like.
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Eurovision at Kevs van ;-)

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