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I just happened on a website, my daughter has used it successfully in the past and I thought some travellers here would find it useful.

The site is populated by people who need staff, in exchange for your work you will get some benefit in kind. This may be a language exchange where you can work and. learn language, it may be a charitable venture where you can get involved with projects for a time whilst you are visiting another country. It could be an NGO project that is looking to rebuild communities in exchange for accommodation and dinner.

It has thousands of worthwhile projects on there, many of them with bona fide reviews. So if you are the kind of camper that was to feel more connected to the country whos churches parks your visiting it could be worthwhile.

My daughter has used it to find accommodation in Hvar, Croatia whilst helping to build a Via Ferrata system for one project for a month. She is then off to Turkey for another month.

Some of the projects aren't projects, they are people looking for au pairs or people looking for carers for a short time. Obviously there are filters for you to get to where you want to be.

Here is a nice host, rewinding in Galicia, Spain

Rewilding in Galicia