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Brandrup Iso-Top MK V VW California

Brandrup Iso-Top V roof insulation for the T5/T6/T6.1 VW California Ocean/Coast with Electric operated pop-up roof

(4 customer reviews)

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Brandrup ISO-TOP Mark V for the electrohydraulic operated aluminum pop-up top of the VW T5/ T6 / T6.1 California Ocean/Coast/Beach/Comfortline

ISO-TOP is the all-round talent for seasons in between and summer: Isolates and protects effectively from cooling by wind infiltration – Ideal for temperatures between approx. -5° to +45° C.
ISO-TOP is concipated for the use all year round: An isolating air cushion is created between the gaiter and the ISO-TOP, which is also effective in high temperatures – also in midsummer it is noticeably cooler under the roof. When the windows are opened, a refreshing air current is achieved and the double wall (gaiter + ISOTOP) dams the heat.
If it is cold, the warm air from the parking heater is not “blown away” through the gaiter.

ISO-TOP is always ready for use and remains mounted in the pop-up-top and needn’t to be dismounted. ISO-TOP folds itself away, whenever the pop-up-top is closed.The windows on the side of the ISO-TOP can remain closed when the roof is closed in order to protect the bed from dampness when the roof has to be closed with wet gaiter.

There are big windows with zipper on three of the sides. If there is a bow window in the gaiter, ISO-TOP can also be fixed to the division bar.

ISO-TOP is the classy, cosy “year-round inner tent”, which does not need any additional storage space and is always ready for use without any further effort as soon as the parking position is reached.
ISO-TOP MK V remains mounted inside the pop-up-top: the top can be closed with the ISO-TOP installed inside!

The new high-tech material is highly breathable and absolutely windproof. The windbreak, the reduction of dampness, the indoor climate and safety are excellent. The ISO-TOP membrane also protects the bed mattress from humidity, when closing the top with a wet gaiter: additionally, to thermal insulation (cold/heat), ISO-TOP offers an efficient protection against humidity and absorbs exterior noise.
The membrane on the reverse side is black to ensure a better sleeping environment.

At the front ISO-TOP is attached with hook-and-loop fastener to five special holding-pads, which have to be permanently fixed to the front interstice of the roof lining.
Above on the sides, ISO-TOP is attached to the existing eyes of the child safety net

Please Note: The front window of the Iso-top must be unzipped when lowering or raising the roof to allow for air flow. Failure to do this may result in damage to the Iso Top or the Bellows of the California.

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Brandrup is High-quality campervan accessories Brand for Volkswagen California, Multivan, Caddy, and Mercedes Marco Polos.
Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Brandrup Iso-Top V roof insulation for the T5/T6/T6.1 VW California Ocean/Coast with Electric operated pop-up roof

  1. d_bird1 (verified owner)

    Thin, dark and relatively thermal (will certainly do the U.K. in winter). The only issue is that it doesn’t fit properly- in order to connect it at the sides there are bits that sag and the front Velcro attachment points are nigh on impossible to fit. A slight modification utilising a couple of hooks was required

  2. lisakpresland (verified owner)

    Fab! I had an old blue one provided by previous owner but gated the colour as it didn’t suit my camper. This is an expensive purchase no doubt but it’s so worth it. It feels soft like short fleece and is a nice colour grey to match the camper. Easy to put in.

  3. Jolyon Berg (verified owner)

    We thought king and hard whether to buy this as it is pretty pricey. In the end we went for it as we didn’t want to mess around with an external cover and we concluded that any improvements in darkness, warmth in winter, coolness in summer and protection from wet weather was worth the gamble based on other forum members positive comments as well.
    It was slightly easier to fit that I expected based on the forums. The 5 Velcro tags at the front were quite easy to get in for me (unlike the majority it seems). It does fit well, like so many other brandrup products seem to, and seems to be well made.
    As for performance, it certainly makes upstairs darker. It’s currently untested for temperature but will be in the next week in a France.
    Overall I’m happy so far as I expect it will give the thermal benefit it’s supposed to. Only time will tell though.

  4. Nick (verified owner)

    Expensive, but so far we’re delighted with it. I purchased the MkV for a 2007 Cali, and I wish I’d had this before. (And wonder why VW don’t offer this or similar as standard fitting).

    Makes the upstairs a proper bedroom. Yet to test it in really cold conditions, but it really cuts out the noise and draughts in high winds.

    Allow plenty of time to digest the (quite difficult) instructions, work out where all the fittings go, and you’ll need 48 hours just to let the adhesive on the Velcro strip time to cure. Also, the adhesive is best applied in relatively warm conditions, so don’t expect to fit this on a cold Friday afternoon when planning to go away for the weekend! Taking care though, it fits beautifully, just like an original part, and the roof operates just as before.

    Strongly recommended

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Brandrup Iso-Top V roof insulation for the T5/T6/T6.1 VW California Ocean/Coast with Electric operated pop-up roof

£514.99 Inc VAT

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