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First Polish......kind of!



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So, amongst the many things I've purchased for our new Cali, I treated myself to some new polish in readiness!

So I bought some new micro fibre clothes and some new polishing managed to find an hour or two over the last couple of days trying it all out.

I bought from my usual place Polished Bliss, and ordered some "Werkstat Prime Acrylic" some "Werkstat Acrylic Jet Trigger" and a new clay bar (Meguires quick clay).

So following a wash (using the preferred 'two bucket method') Idecided time would only allow a single panel polish approach, so I focused on the tailgate.

I clayed the whole tailgate using the clay bar and was really surprised that it actually picked up a reasonable amount of surface contamination. Given the van is a month old and has barely seen any action it's surprising how much surface contamination there actually was - I wasn't expecting any at all.

Once the clay process is compete its a coat of the Werkstat prime acrylic. This is a glaze to really bring out the metallic silver fleck in the paintwork. Once that's applied and buffed its two top coats of the Werkstat acrylic jet trigger to seal the paintwork.

Only an hour or so to finish the tailgate, I'll tackle the front end at the weekend.

I'm really please wit the results so far, it's got a great shine now and the paintwork feels silky smooth compared to the rest of the van which just feels smooth.

I'll post up some pics when I get a chance.

By the way, anyone spot my polishing obsession :laugh2
:hello Highly commendable. You deserve a reply to your post for the duty of care given to your Cali. Especially in midwinter ! (I've never heard of any of that stuff but I'm impressed) I invested in the whole range of Autoglym products 3 years ago and have used the shampoo conditioner and the fast glass cleaner have yet to start on the resin polish and the wheel clean. :oops: I agree with you on the two bucket method (I also start off with a big hose-off) and will also do the one panel at a time method on the polish probably over a period of a year (if I'm lucky) :laugh2
I'm a bit (read a lot) OCD when it comes to having my pride and joy sparkling clean. It's the same with my motorbikes :D

Since my first post, we've used the Cali more but I've also polished a few more panels.

I've done front and rear and all of one side now, when weather and time have permitted.

The worst areas for contamination were along the bottom of the side panels as you would expect; the result of road grime. Note to self to order and fit some mud flaps!

I find the Autoglym wheel cleaner very good stuff, plus I use the Autoglym shampoo for washing.

I've been using "RainX" on all the windows after each wash, shines them up a treat and makes quite a difference when it's raining.

Having applied a similar process of Claying and polishing to our other cars, the paintwork will typically need Claying (and hence a covering of protective polish) about once a year or so, but I do find the process very relaxing.

The Cali does take a fair bit of time to do compared to the cars though :crazy

I have been pondering the benefits of a foaming set up for the jet wash, but I need to read up some more on this
I have been pondering the benefits of a foaming set up for the jet wash, but I need to read up some more on this

I got a ph neutral snow foam. Problem is as it is ph neutral it does not remove grime. Reason for ph neutral was anything else will remove the polish so creates more work !
I do similar to ours but also snow foam it first.

Non stop job at the moment!
Ours has 6" of snow but no foam.
Andy said:
I do similar to ours but also snow foam it first.

Non stop job at the moment!

What snow foam do you use Kernowlad ??

Oops, missed this! Autobrite own mixture. Magic foam I think!
Had. A couple of hours in the early morning sun today, managed to clay and polish most of one side.

Interesting to see how much contamination you actually get off the paintwork.

This pic, of the rear quarter panel,looks pretty clean and shiny, actually it is! No obvious contamination, marks or road grime.

This is the clay bar showing the contaminants removed! This is a new clay bar piece, only started using it today for this job!

The clay bar is used for a very small area, contaminants removed and then the clay is squashed/rolled to get a 'clean side to continue working. Therefore the contaminants don't mark the paintwork or recontaminate it.

You have to apply a sealant after using the clay bar to protect the paint again.
Just clayed the car - the van will be next.

My word the amount that comes off what looks like a very "clean" car is scary!

I use Bilt Hamber stuff partly because you can lube with water but it also works well. I seal/polish with Zaino Z5 Pro.