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Both of those are covered (the first is fire "if your car and/or its accessories - even in your garage - are lost or damaged by fire..." and the second is damage ("if your car and its accessories are damaged by accident or vandalism - even in your garage...") and have been confirmed in two conversations with LV. The first conversation was had several months ago because of your concern (answering similar concerns to the ones you've made again), and the second just now because of @JamesTT's.
LV know they are covering a motorcaravan, and cover damage to the motorcaravan when camping - I've had it confirmed on two recorded phone calls with them, and the motorcaravan policy document doesn't exclude them, but does include them as above. I'm convinced a massive company like LV will pay out, particularly given the phone calls but also the simple clear policy documents. But its likely they'll never have to, in which case I'm £600 up this year, and no doubt hundreds more into the future. Why pay more than you need?
Just saying, to allow people who are shopping for insurance to not write off LV because of uncertainty seeded on here.
Reassuring Tim, thanks for the legwork in rooting these clauses out. I've also gone with LV= as they were the only provider who gave a quote that was reasonable (~£500 vs ~£1500 with other providers).

Edit: And this is after having had a terrible experience with LV home insurance some years ago where they tried to stiff me out of a home claim. After a chimney fire their claims handler called up the company that was meant to be doing the repair, he pretended to be _me_ on the call to the company and tried to get them to state that the cause of the fire was poor maintenance of the chimney (it wasn't). Thankfully they had recorded the call and his manager was able to verify my version of events and overturn the decision not to pay out, but it left a bad taste. Was left with the lesson that every insurance company will probably try and do anything to get out of paying a claim so it's good to have these sorts of facts from the contract up your sleeve just in case.

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