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Recommendations for fridge for 2 seater Beach please

it'd be good to know - I quite fancy one of those. are you still out there @gareth230380 ?
Hi, do you still have the CDF 11? I'm in Leeds and would be keen to take it off your hands if you do. Thanks Rachael
Sorry someone else beat you too it. It's gone now.

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Used a Waeco/Dometic CF11 for a number of years on GB-Greece-GB trips. Will chill even in 40C+ temperature. Use EHU whenever possible to save leisure battery, but no difficulty when doing a long day's run. Holds enough beer for 5pm, cold meats and milk for other times. Stowed just inside side door for easy access at supermarkets and early evening refreshment.
Fridge prices seem to have gone up by +£50 over the past week. After already gone up by £100 or so over past 12 months.
I have a 2 seater beach and after 5 months of use i can strongly recommend the Alpicool c25,it fits perfectly underneath the MFB and its super quiet and efficient, i would say even better than a Dometic i used to have, for the price its really a no brainer


Another vote for the Dometic CF11. Used for a number of years on Greek camp sites. Maintains chilled beers even in 40+ degrees outside temperature. Beware chillers which keep 20 degrees below ambient temperature - not much use with 30 - 40 degrees more frequently with global warming.